Council Activities


The Council, together with Conquest Oil Ltd, providers of heating oil under the Council's Kimbolton & District Oil Buying Group scheme, installed a Defibrillator (AED) in a cabinet on a wall in the High Street, Kimbolton adjacent to the parish noticeboard in 2014.

This machine is available 24/7 for the treatment of anyone suffering a heart attack.  Simply open the cabinet by turning the winged latch on the right-hand side, remove the defibrillator and follow the instructions.  The machine itself will "talk" you through its use and there is no fear that someone not suffering from a heart attack could be shocked by mistake - the machine simply would not do that.

Since the machine is being made readily available it is vulnerable to theft or vandalism and we ask your help in keeping an eye on it when you pass by and reporting any suspicious activity to the police.

Your Parish Council has now provided another defibrillator to complement the one placed in the High St five years ago.


The new one is in a cabinet on the front wall of the Mandeville Hall, so is much nearer for anyone needing it at that end of the village and, of course, is close at hand for the halls; the Scout premises ; playpark and recreation grounds.


The cabinet again is not locked, so as to provide speedy access, but this makes it vulnerable to vandalism and theft.  We are pleased to say that we have had no such problems with the one in High St, but we ask everyone to help us keep an eye on it.


The new defibrillator is, like the other one, fully automatic and speaks to the user.  It will not allow anyone to shock a patient who does not need it, so don’t be afraid of using it.




Council has provided outdoor fitness equipment for the use of adults and this is sited on the recreation ground at Pound Lane.     It is available whenever required - just turn up and make use of it. 

Do you use oil for heating? If so, you may be interested in a scheme organised by the Parish Council.
Oil users band together to order from one supplier only. This enables the supplier to co-ordinate his deliveries and economise on carriage costs, thereby passing on the saving
a) you may expect savings of at least 2p to 3p per litre and
b) there is a twice -yearly raffle of £200 worth of oil

THE WINNERS OF THE DRAW FOR 2018 WERE MR Graham Moffitt of Hail Weston and Dr J Barclay of Kimbolton.    THEY EACH WIN OIL TO THE VALUE OF £200.

Then all you need to do is contact the Clerk or any Councillor and we will make the arrangements.


Concern has been raised by the Kimbolton Retailers' Association that parking problems in the High Street are driving away trade and Council has been asked to revise the parking restrictions currently in force, to provide additional area of restriction and attempt to force all day parkers to park elsewhere.

The major problem with this approach is that we do not in Kimbolton possess any off-street parking, despite many years of trying to find a suitable site. We had thought that we had gone some way to solving the problem by the proposal to provide additional parking to the rear of Mandeville Hall but, due to the access being below Highways standards, the traffic calming necessary to enable this scheme to progress proved to be prohibitively expensive. Without off-street parking,the fear is that displacement of cars from the High Street will result in them parking all day in other residential areas.

What do YOU think of the situation? Do you agree that there is a problem and, if so, how would you solve it.

Kimbolton High Street is a conservation area and the Parish Council has been concerned at the damage which has been caused to paving slabs and the poor quality 'temporary' repairs to the cobbles made by the utilities.

A major scheme was undertaken which involved the total re-paving of the High Street footpaths and renewing of the cobbles. Where the cobbles extended to the roadside at the access ramps, these were replaced with paving, to make it easier for wheel chair users. The cost of this scheme was about £100,000, of which £20,000 was paid by the Parish Council.

District Councillor Jonathan Gray was instrumental in obtaining Huntingdonshire District Council's agreement to undertake and fund the majority cost of the scheme.

The work started in January 2008 and continued for about 16 weeks.  We have now installed bollards around the War Memorial to prevent vehicles mounting the pavement and further damaging the slabs. 

Thanks to a 75% grant from the District Council the fencing around the War Memorial has been replaced. The original fencing was erected in 1929 and had rotted. New oak fencing has been provided together with planters at a total cost of around £3000.   The War Memorial itself was refurbished in October 2015.

One of the four tall Wellingtonia fir trees in the cemetery was struck by lightning on Friday 18 August 2006 and the tree was split down the middle of the trunk for more than half of its height.

Sadly, there was no choice other than to fell it as a matter of urgency. A dead tree on the eastern boundary of the cemetery was also  felled.

Both trees were replaced so that future generations may enjoy them. The Council has also commissioned a landscape architect to design the extension to our cemetery and it is indended that this will feature trees similar to those in the present cemetery.

Regrettably, a further conifer tree fell in the gales on 18 January 2007.

Our Youth Club had been operating from the Scout premises on a temporary basis since the County Council sold the community building. The County Council provided £65,000 towards new Youth premises and work to provide an extension to the Mandeville Hall which is primarily for the Youth Club, but is also available to other hirers, was completed in 2009.

A grant of a further £25,000 was received from Huntingdonshire District Council and the balance of funding was met by the Parish Council.



Building works commenced early in 2009 and were completed in November. Facilities include a hall, pool/games room and a full kitchen (see pictures below) and, with its own toilets, it is a self-contained unit, suitable for groups of up to 30 - 40 people. Regrettably, the County Council is unable to find Youth Leaders for Kimbolton and the Youth Club has, for the time being, ceased to operate. The hall is, of course, available for hire. Contact the Mandeville Hall Committee  for bookings.


The Council owns a 2 bedroom cottage built in 1858 situated within the walls of our cemetery. This was originally the Cemetery Superintendent's home but has been let to tenants for many years. The cottage became vacant in 2007 and the Council decided to make necessary improvements to make it a pleasant home for someone. Work started in December 2008 and was completed in September 2009 and the cottage is now let.

A planning application for a windfarm in the area of the Bicton Industrial Estate was submitted and responses were required by 17 September 2010. The application was for four turbines. This Council recommended refusal of the application and Huntingdonshire District Council resolved to refuse the application in January 2011. The applicants  appealed and the Planning Inquiry started in August 2011, was adjourned and the Inspector's decision to refuse the application was finally made on 16 March 2012..

Broadview Energy re-submitted an application in May 2013, this time for 3 turbines.  This application was  considered by the Parish Council and refusal was recommended.    It has also been considered by the planning authority and refused.  Broadview again appealed and the Inspector heard their appeal in May/June 2014.  The Inspector's recommendation went to the Secretary of State for a decision and refusal was confirmed..



The Council owns allotments off Rookery Lane and these are available for rent, currently at £40 per annum.      There are vacancies at present and if you are interested in being considered for one, please contact the Clerk on 861877.