Car Parking on the High Street

Concern has been raised by the Kimbolton Retailers’ Association that parking problems in the High Street are driving away trade and Council has been asked to revise the parking restrictions currently in force, to provide an additional area of restriction and attempt to force all day parkers to park elsewhere.

The major problem with this approach is that we do not in Kimbolton possess any off-street parking, despite many years of trying to find a suitable site. We had thought that we had gone some way to solving the problem by the proposal to provide additional parking to the rear of Mandeville Hall but, due to the access being below Highways standards, the traffic-calming necessary to enable this scheme to progress proved to be prohibitively expensive. Without off-street parking, the fear is that displacement of cars from the High Street will result in them parking all day in other residential areas.

What do YOU think of the situation? Do you agree that there is a problem and, if so, how would you solve it?

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