Kimbolton High Street is a conservation area and the Parish Council has been concerned at the damage which has been caused to paving slabs and the poor quality ‘temporary’ repairs to the cobbles made by the utilities.

A major scheme was undertaken which involved the total re-paving of the High Street footpaths and renewing of the cobbles. Where the cobbles extended to the roadside at the access ramps, these were replaced with paving, to make it easier for wheelchair users. The cost of this scheme was about £100,000, of which £20,000 was paid by the Parish Council.

District Councillor Jonathan Gray was instrumental in obtaining Huntingdonshire District Council’s agreement to undertake and fund the majority cost of the scheme.

The work started in January 2008 and continued for about 16 weeks.  We have now installed bollards around the War Memorial to prevent vehicles mounting the pavement and further damaging the slabs.