A planning application for a windfarm in the area of the Bicton Industrial Estate was submitted and responses were required by 17 September 2010. The application was for four turbines. This Council recommended refusal of the application and Huntingdonshire District Council resolved to refuse the application in January 2011. The applicants appealed and the Planning Inquiry started in August 2011, was adjourned and the Inspector’s decision to refuse the application was finally made on 16 March 2012.

Broadview Energy re-submitted an application in May 2013, this time for 3 turbines.  This application was considered by the Parish Council and refusal was recommended. It has also been considered by the planning authority and refused.  Broadview again appealed and the Inspector heard their appeal in May/June 2014.  The Inspector’s recommendation went to the Secretary of State for a decision and refusal was confirmed.